True-Guard® Ropes, Cables & Cords

Innovation for performance, safety and efficiency

True-Guard® rope, cable and cord technology presents a novel approach, utilizing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) in a thin unitary tape form, known as True-Guard™ tape, that can be applied to numerous applications in the form of a braided outer layer onto cores of various high strength fibers and other components.  The benefits of this patented and proprietary technology arise from the unique properties, processing and application of UHMWPE, a polymer recognized for its superior mechanical properties and durability.

True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords combine performance, safety and efficiency.  They feature the abrasion resistance of UHMWPE in a thin braided format using True-Guard™ tapes for protecting the core fibers while reducing the overall diameter by avoiding the bulky layers of multifilament fiber bundles or other protective layers.  With their unique construction, True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords withstand abrasion without shredding and have optimized strength performance and reduced recoiling upon their breakage.

Customizable Technology for Specialized Applications

True-Guard® rope, cable and cord technology provides a unique platform for novel products.  The tape of the outer braided layer, braiding construction, core and termination of the ropes, cables and cords can be customized for target criteria.


A few examples of True-Guard™ Tape property configurations include:

  • Elasticity for applying tunable radial compression onto the core fibers for controlled rope flexibility, strength optimization, and prevention of displacement of the core relative to the outer cover
  • Transparency, opacity or color for labeling, identification or visual inspection
  • Incorporation of additives for additional functions such as adhesives, UV-blocking or reinforcement
  • Surface modification for specialized applications
  • Availability in a variety of widths and thicknesses


Braiding Construction

True-Guard® ropes, cables and cord braiding constructions can be designed to be:

  • Single or a multiplicity of True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords as one braided construction
  • In round or flat braided profiles
  • In a variety of diameters, including small diameters for specialized applications



True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords can be configured with cores of:

  • Different high-strength core fibers such as HMPE, aramid, liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) and carbon fibers
  • Hollow constructions and tubing 
  • Metal, wire, electronic and other components


True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords can be spliced or configured with terminations that serve as a universal link for terminating True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords and attaching them to a broad range of rigging and mounting hardware.  Our terminations for True-Guard® ropes, cables and cords use composite technology and high strength metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.


Contact us to discuss your specific criteria and how True-Guard® rope, cable and cord technology can transform your application.